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PCM Vehicle Repairs

Redundant Steelworker Harry Kershaw at his Bakery in Greenfield January 1981


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  • Zover0z 19.10.2014 @ 04:46:18AM

    There are a lot of blogs and articles out there on this topic, but you have captured another side of the subject. This is good content thank you for sharing it.

  • Austin2z0 16.09.2014 @ 16:39:51PM

    I am interested in this topic and would like to find out some more information as my friend need information on this topic. Do you have any other articles about this?

  • LocalBygones 18.11.2011 @ 12:04:56PM

    Caption amended as per request

    Local Bygones

  • wrexy33 10.11.2011 @ 18:30:52PM

    I shouyld have added that the bakery was situated in Station Rd Greenfield, that is where Harry opened his bakery.

  • wrexy33 09.11.2011 @ 18:30:15PM

    Now that is a blast from the past!

    My name is Lee Douglas and I'm standing next to Harry.
    Wayne Gelder is stood to my left.

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