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Wrexham  Rhosrobin infants school 1969

School Days    

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  • Cleotilde Parrott 13.11.2016 @ 13:25:56PM

    Your site is incredible, prime quality get the job done... I know that a number of might accept as true with all of us despite the fact that it doesn't take time to say.

  • faceache 22.08.2014 @ 18:42:29PM

    Hello Martin, Nice to see someone else post a comment from the school! Yes, we probably did chum around as kids.. I'll see if I can copy the newspaper clipping from the school closure. I see you are in the picture too. I would need to get an e mail address so I can send it to you. I don't see any way to send msg's on here.. anyway, cheers for now friend.

  • shandyman 07.08.2014 @ 00:22:52AM

    Some of the people in the picture are....
    top row left to right Martyn Davies, ?, Ken Hughes
    middle row Left to right Tony Prytherch, Karen Prytherch, ?
    bottom row left to right Tracey Davies,David Marles, Karen Golding.
    I was also in the final picture (Martin Jones)taken in 1971 when the school closed, I would love a copy of this David Marles if you have one and I'm sure we use to play together as kids?

  • faceache 08.04.2014 @ 22:15:06PM

    The School closed at the end of 1969, Just confirmed it with the newspaper clipping I have. I also have most if not all the names of the kids in this picture which I'll post later. I remember the the young teachers assistant but not her name.
    The picture she is pointing to is of High street Wrexham.. I now remember we were going on a school outing to the Parish church. It can just slightly be seen in the picture on the wall, hence the armbands and coats.. Such a fond memory of this school.

  • faceache 08.04.2014 @ 06:17:26AM

    I Just stumbled upon this picture and can't believe it was my class. I don't remember the picture being taken. I'm bottom center (David Marles) bottom right was my sweethart karen Golding, I'm certain top row 2nd in is Mark Williams..
    It's Rhosrobin School, Mrs Roberts on rt, can't remember the other teacher. The School closed around 1971 0r 72 I believe not the 50's. there was a picture in the Wrexham Leader when it closed we were the last student's to attend, I still have the newspaper clipping with a picture of all the kids in the yard. man has this brought back some great memories.. Thanks to whoever uploaded this!!

  • JENGOG 14.10.2012 @ 20:21:24PM

    This cannot be Rhosrobin school as it closed in the late 1950's. The teacher is Mrs Roberts who did teach at Rhosrobin and later at Gwersyllt CP School. I guess it is Gwersyllt school.

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