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About This Site

Welcome to Local Bygones

How do you organise a photo album that contains more than a million pictures stretching back to the 19th century?

The truth is it's a daunting task. But that is the goal we have set ourselves with this exciting new project.

Our team is uploading thousands of pictures from our vast archive to create a unique piece of living history.

This site is a chance for you to rediscover the people, the places and - inevitably - the embarrassing hairstyles our region has been home to across the decades.

Pictures are coming from many sources. Boxes of slides, drawers full of prints, even old football programmes... all are finding their way online.

Sadly, some shots now only exist in the yellowing pages of old newspapers.

The caption details of many more have been lost to time.

But what all these photos do is shine a light into often forgotten corners of our past and reveal fascinating details of the way we lived then.

And that is why we need your help.

Local Bygones is very much a work in progress, with hundreds of pictures being uploaded each week.

You may spot a familiar face in a crowd, or know something about an unidentified building or business.

Send us this information ( or register, log on and add your comments) and we'll add it to the picture.

Over time, your contributions will make Local Bygones an indispensable treasure trove of local history.

So please, have a good look around the site; sign up and feel free to share pictures with your friends.

And, if you would like a permanent copy of any photo, we can provide it in a format to suit you. Just follow the instructions below the image.

Happy hunting,

Tim Bowden
Editorial Manager
NWN Media

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Sian Llewellyn and Sarah Jackson of the Local Bygones team with a handful of the thousands of pictures being uploaded.

Sarah Jackson and Sian Llewellyn of the Local Bygones team with a handful of the thousands of pictures being uploaded.

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